Friday, August 21, 2015

Venice Recap: (Xander)

Making faces at mom on our last taxi ride.
"The busses were extremely crowded. I felt unhappy while standing on the bus." (about our first bus ride to our hotel)

"All the glass in the glass factory was beautiful." (about Murano)

"I think the end of the island, the point, where you could see a lot, had a pretty view."

"The bidet is pretty much a poop sink. I used it when ever I pooped. You poop in the toilet, then you use the bidet instead of toilet paper. It felt weird. I don't think I would want one at home because it was weird to use."
Not the four cheeses gnocchi,
but still a good one.

"The gnocchi with four cheeses was really good." (his favourite out of the three he ordered)

"It's a little crazy that the whole city is pretty much floating. I bet everybody that's old enough know how to drive a boat, just because there's no cars." (when asked about a place with no cars)

"The caffé gelato was really good." (when asked what gelato he liked best)

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