Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 17: Sunday

Today is Sunday. Except for restaurants and coffee houses, stores are closed. Remember this fact. We are trying to (such a different mindset).

This morning, I decided I wanted to make pancakes. I found a simple recipe online. We do not currently have any baking powder. I figure, this is ok, they'll still taste good, they just won't be fluffy. As I begin gathering ingredients, I realise something else we don't have. Neither measuring cups nor spoons. I "eyeball" everything. I'm feeling very Little House on the Prairie (but maybe they had have measuring units... so maybe a better description is I'm feeling very "Grandmotherly" where you're so experienced you just put a pinch here, a handful there...)

As predicted, they did not rise. They were flat.... flat as pancakes, hahaha! Actually flatter.

Oh, and something else we do not have? Syrup. I remember, though, Nutella! And, we did just go from the farmers market, so we have fresh berries and honey! Perfect! I decided to serve them to the family calling them American Crepes. We've seen a crepe truck at the farmers market, and now we don't have to try it out, because we have American Crepes.

They were a huge (albeit flat) hit (my favourite is Nutella with strawberries)! I should have doubled the recipe. Somehow, flat food doesn't seem as filling.

After breakfast, we catch the M1 train just around the corner from our apartment. And who jumps on the train after us? Our neighbours from below! Tony and his daughter Ruby are on their way to a swimming pool (smarties, as it's going to be a warm day). We chat and get a little information about Bahn tickets. Chris wasn't able to buy us our tickets because we didn't have enough coins for four tickets and the machine on the train only took coins, so we were going to chance it, since we'd be transferring at a Bahn station (that will have a ticket machine that takes bills) in a few stops.

Tony mentioned that, during his last trip here, when Ruby was 2 (she's now 7), he was caught without tickets. He says plain clothed workers enter the train from both sides yelling, "TICKETS". You show your tickets and they walk on. But Tony didn't have one and they were very upset with him. People on the train were suggesting they leave Tony and his 2 year old alone, but no, they demanded the 60€ fine and to get off the train. But he hasn't seen any ticket checkers this trip.

It came up that we didn't have measuring cups or spoons and Tony mentioned that there was a 2€ store up the street. Perfect! We'll have to check that out to help fill in more kitchen needs, otherwise, it's back to Ikea (check out this PERFECT video of Ikea), and we don't want that!

Chris has wanted to (or needed to, is probably more accurate) do a little shopping for some clothes. There is a mall, here, called Bikini (weird, I know). He checked and thought it said it would be open Sunday. I asked several times, he said he checked, it's open.

The name of this store says it all!
Well... it's Sunday, so no, it's NOT open. Well, the mall is open, but all the stores inside are closed. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm wondering if the hours Chris saw were for yesterday. In any case, it's like everything else on Sunday, closed. You can walk through the mall, get a bite to eat at one of the caf├ęs or a coffee, maybe even a gelato, but no shopping to be had.

We walked around anyway, just to window shop. Taking notes to see if we would come back, when it's open, to buy anything.

The air conditioning (if there really is any) is also closed on Sundays, so it was stuffy in there. So, we made a quick look around and headed to lunch, on another sweat box (Chris agrees with me, the bus is HOT!)

We decided to eat lunch at the Sony Center where the Minion movie is showing. Prices are definitely higher here 3€ for a 8oz of soda. Not like home where for that same price, you get unlimited refills. Here, it's a glass bottle of soda and just the one. So savour every ounce! Side note: Chris ordered an ice coffee. Well, "ice" in English, sounds like "eis" in German, which can have different meanings. Eiskaffee can be an iced coffee, but perhaps it can be interpreted differently by the seller? "Eis" is also the German word for "ice cream". So, Chris' eiskaffee came and basically was a glass of coffee with a scoop of ice cream in it. Not what he wanted, but boy did it taste good (I drank it all, taking one for the team).

The kids wanted to watch the Minion movie, so we went to buy tickets. Here, they assign seats! The ticket salesperson shows you a screen of the seating chart. There are cheaper seats (down in the front rows) and some that are already sold.  You pick from the available seating and purchase accordingly.

We take our tickets, go into the theatre (we're about 15 minutes early) and the theatre is completely empty. I guess, why show up early if you have an assigned seat? We were the silly Americans getting there to stake our claim! Well, no worries. It gave us time to use the free bathrooms... twice.

Creepy-cool hallway coming out of the bathroom (left)
Silly Americans alone in the theatre (middle)
An elegant hallway between theatres (right)

We waited for the movie to begin in super silence. No pre-pre-ads were airing, so it was quiet in the theatre. This lack of noise caused us to whisper, even though we were alone. While the movie was screened in English, some of the ads/previews ahead of time were not. I was wondering if they'd be any different than those back home. But they were just as crappy as ours. One had suggestions of violence and the other suggestions of sex. Both seemed inappropriate for a rated PG movie! Other than that, the kids enjoyed the movie. We all think the first Despicable Me is the best, but this was entertaining.

Side note: the seats were velvety and cushy, but they did not rock or fold up. The height of the seats was pretty good, so when people sat right in front of us, we could still see very well. And, because the seats don't rock, it was no problem when a large man sat in front of us, he didn't rock back into our knees!

On the way home, I think it happened at least twice, but I can only remember one instance, now. We need milk. Oh, we'll just stop into the store on our way home. NO! Stores closed! Denied again!

Back at home, Chris and the kids Skype'd with Poppi and RooRoo, while I rested from the heat and the day. Nice dinner at home with some bedtime reading.

I'll leave you with this warning:

Seen at the mall.

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