Monday, August 31, 2015

Swimming (Xander)

The swimming pool was fun. It was very crowded. We got there by waking to an U-Bahn station, then we took the U2 to Gleisdreieck, then we transferred to a U12. We got off near the pool at the Prinzenstra├če stop and walked to the pool.

When we got there, the line was long, but it went fast. When we got in, we saw three pools. One lap pool. One play pool. And another lap pool. In the play pool, they had a slide. This slide didn't have any lifeguard at the top, so you would just wait for the next person to be at the bottom before going down.

They also had umbrella-like things that squirted water out of the top, ran down the umbrella-thing, and fell off. You could stand under it and get "rained on".

It didn't get that deep, maybe at the deepest, 3.5 ft. It meant I didn't have to tread water at all. But it also meant it wasn't that deep and I like deep pools because you can dive for things.

The water was COLD! It was 90-something degrees outside and the water was only 86F. So it felt really cold.

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  1. Xander, you sound like you enjoyed the swimming. Hope it was worth the hot trip to get there and then the hot trip home.