Friday, August 21, 2015

Venice Food

Dinner on the Grand Canal. 
Three of the Caprese salads I ordered (so tasty on a hot, hot day).
The first one was closer to a classic style.
The second one was served with very little balsamic, but had nice olives to add tang.
The third one was served, also without dressing, but had a sort of "basil granita" of sorts.

It's amazing how quickly you get tired of pasta and pizza. This curry chicken with black rice.

Kids are super excited to get Coca Cola (we gave in and allowed it).
While we parents get bellinis, the kids got sunrise-juice! 

One of Xander's gnocchis.

We call the kids "groms" all the time, so we liked this gelateria!

Chris' seafood pizza. Crazy!

And here is the side table preparation of Chris' sea bass.
I said, "yes," when they asked if we wanted it prepared.


  1. the food looks amazing, hope it tasted as good as it looked. yum yum

  2. So enjoying all your excellent blogging, pictures, stories, Food pix and descriptions that are making me very hungry !!!