Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 9: Ikea (Venice and Xander)

Hello! Venice and Xander here! 

We just wanted to tell you about the other day, when we went to IKEA! Before we went in, we had to go through a GIANT automatic revolving door. When we got inside, we got a cart but we realised we couldn't go up an escalator with a shopping cart! (It's too bad because in one the of the markets we went to they had a flat escalator that you could drive a cart up!) So we went up the escalator with plastic bags that they offered. (Xander would easily fit in one, no problem!) Then it began. 

For about 30 minutes, we walked with our parents through thousands of items, bored out of our minds. Then we saw a set of computers! They where there to design a room and see how expensive it would be, and then you could buy the right things to make it happen. (Venice thought they where for testing and buying) We played with it for a little bit, but it got boring after a while because the whole thing was in German. So we went to go find our parents.

After choosing a desk and 2 chairs, we went to go downstairs, but we saw the cafe and begged to eat. We got rumpsteak, we know, it sounds like "butt steak" and that's because it is from the bum of the cow! It also came with fries, herb butter, and a salad of your choice. Mom and dad were hesitant to let us eat, but looking back we are all glad we did! It took 3 times as long to go through, and the food half way was a good idea. Then we headed downstairs.

We went downstairs and after a little bit of kitchen shopping we went to the lights section. Venice noticed that IKEA would be a great place to play capture the flag, so she told Xander he had 10 seconds to hide and that she would look for him. It was like hide and seek, but the hider could also tap the seeker, and they could move. After modifying it for a little bit, we decided on a name: "Night Guard". We played throughout the store, much to the annoyance of everyone. Then we went to the warehouse, it was BIG!!! They had lots of good places to play our new game. Then we went to checkout.
 A lot of stuff seems to be "self serve" here. You pay, and get
your cup, or cone, or bowl, or token, then get your item yourself.
Here, the kids are filing their frozen yogurt cups with a token. - Diana
After checkout we got frozen yogurt! Then we had to try 3 times to get a taxi home. When we were home we rested for a bit, then tried to build our chairs. Key word here: "tried". As we type they are still unfinished... But we did learn that a shoe is a pretty good hammer. Bye for now!

-Venice and Xander

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  1. Venice and Xander, I love your reporting on the Ikea trip. Now I will look at my shoes differently....and think - these could be hammers!!