Thursday, August 13, 2015

Day 0: Departure

We were ready to go on time! A pretty big feat and we're proud of it! The house is cleaned and packed up for the renters. All our To-Do lists are completed. And we ate most of the food in our refrigerator, leaving it nice for the renters.

One big bag per person. Three rolling-carry-ons. Four backpacks. Just a wee bit of luggage. Thanks to Granny and Jiichan for driving us to the airport and returning our car to our garage where it will live for a while. Of course, Jiichan documented the drive and drop-off with photos. Even Granny helped with this one (to the left)!

Hurry up and wait (always the vacation motto.) In this case, we were told our flight would be an hour delayed, due to weather. So we hunkered down for what we thought was going to create a tight layover in SFO. During this time, Xander realized he forgot to save something from his computer into the cloue, thus rendering all his work unavailable for the next three months. This prospect did not make a happy camper. Jiichan to the rescue! He had already dropped our car off and was relaxing at home when he got our S.O.S. call. After driving over to our house and logging into Xander's computer, he saved the important files, as Xander instructed via Diana over the phone. As we finished up, we were called to board (which ended up leaving on time, by the way.) Phew!

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