Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 2: Riding the U-Bahn (Venice)

Hi, Venice here! 

U-Bahn tickets
Today my dad and I went on an adventure! My dad wanted to buy an espresso machine and I decided to come with him! As we walked, I learned that we would ride the U-bahn to get to the store, and I was very excited! This was going to be my first time ever on the U-bahn! We went down the stairs and bought our tickets. When we were trying to figure out which train went which way we saw a clever sign. It was a long white post with a grey line down its middle. The bottom half of the line was highlighted in red with names of stops along the way. In the middle, it switched from red to grey and showed the stops it did not go to. On the other side it did the same but with the other stops. We rode it for about 7-15 minutes and then walked for a little bit. As we did it started to rain! Only a drizzle, thankfully, because I had no jacket. As we walked, we went by a mall with a living wall.

They look like eyeliner boxes!
We got to the store and decided on a machine. Dad wanted blue, but I convinced him to get red. I personally thought it fit the machine and its meaning better. We also bought these capsules that look like half-and-half, but are really coffee grounds. The machine pokes a hole in the tool and bottom and pushes the water through to make coffee! Before we left we went to the coffee bar and dad let me get a vanilla espresso, but to me it tasted just like any other coffee. After I added sugar and milk it tasted sweet and bitter. We finished our drinks and then dad realised we had bought no cups! The apartment we are staying in does not have very many dishes. It turns out we are the first to rent it, so we have been busy buying a lot of things to help out. 

Dad setting up the machine.
After we bought our cups, we walked back to the U-bahn station and got out of the wrong exit, but it put us near the market. We went in and got insta-chai (just add milk!) and I saw that it was made by Yogi tea, where one of our friend's dads works. As we checked out and left the store, I said goodbye to Mr. Cow. Oh, did I forget to mention the giant plastic cow that greets you when you come to the store? I call him Mr. Cow! As we walked away from Mr. Cow and back home, I told dad how the boxes of capsules looked like giant coloured eye pencils to me. 

When we got home, we had dinner and then I was able to video chat one of my friends from back home! It was a nice way to end Day 2!

-venice :) <3 :)

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  1. I love your account of the U-Bahn travel....sounds like AutoBahn - but a bus or tram. Say hi to mr. cow for me.