Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 13: Dinner

Venice's photo (left) and our amuse-bouche (right) 
I forgot to talk about our dinner out. As is common "back home", we often wonder what to do for dinner. The great thing about our neighbourhood is that there are so many choices. Good thing (choices) and bad thing (choices).

Tonight, we decided to try tapas at Die Schule, just around the corner.

There are many open tables. There are many bees (but we brave it anyway). A taxi driver told Chris that this time of year is not very crowded, as many locals are away on vacations. In a few weeks, it'll be much more crowded as everyone returns for the school year, or for fall. On the other hand, I wonder, what of all the tourists? If they leave, what is the net gain or loss of people? We have heard, from many sources, that we need to make reservations. But in reality, we have walked right into dinner with no problem finding a table. Either, we are the weirdos who eat around 6-7pm instead of later, or, this is "not crowded" and in a few weeks we'll see that we do need to make reservations at restaurants. But for now, it's nice to decide last minute what we want and to just walk right in and seat ourselves.

The tapas menu looked good and was tough to decided, so we just decided to get one of everything and two extra dishes. It was a beautiful display of delicious food.

The downside to our ordering method is that it was a bit heavy on the potatoes and not quite enough protein. But we left with happy bellies anyway.

And the walk home, seemed shorter than the walk there, literally around the corner with a wonderful view.

A view down our street as we returned home from dinner.
Our apartment complex door is on the far left edge of the photo. 

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