Saturday, August 8, 2015

Critter Care

Who will take care of our pets?

Fish and Frog: Grandparents will care for the fish. We cleaned the tank, gave instructions, and carefully drove the 10 gallon tank over to their house. The tank is now set up in their living room with lovely light shining through the glass.

Plants: Ok, not pets, but still "something to keep alive". Grandparents-inlaw will take care of these. All we have are an orchid, table-size cactus, lucky bamboo, and a fern. Three out of four just need water once a week, the other is on its death bed anyway. So low pressure to keep these guys alive.

Hedgehog: This one is harder, with higher stakes. A friend has agreed to watch over Blizzard. Venice packed him up with a clean cage and delivered him to his new-temporary home. We'll visit one more time before we leave. But, this one pulls at the heart strings a bit more, for sure. He's in good hands and that helps keep our worries at bay.

Birds, Squirrel, and Hummingbirds: We keep a bird feeder and a hummingbird feeder. I have gone back and forth on this one. Sometimes I think we'll just take down the hummingbird feeder and let the bird food become empty. Then I think about leaving the renters a note, asking them if they wouldn't mind adding bird food as needed (this is pretty simple) and changing out the hummingbird food (you have to rinse the feeder and put in the sugar water, which they'd have to make at some point, so more involved.) Is it too much to ask? I'm leaning towards asking and then if they decide to not keep it up, I won't know and I'll be gone, so I won't be able to worry about the critters going hungry... right?

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