Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 3: Recap (Xander)

In one of the tunnels to the Siegessäule. There was an
interactive-light display. By walking in front of the cameras
(or putting your hand over it, you created a "white-light" shadow.
"We never saw dad's office!" (the day got away from us and we didn't get to do a "walk by")

"Being at the top was scary because it was hight up." (at the Siegessäule, the Berlin Victory Column)

"The name is DuDu, so it's kind of funny. The sushi there was very good. One of the rolls was named after the place, so it was the Crunchy DuDu Roll, so that was even funnier." (DuDu = Sushi-fusion restaurant)

"When we left, it was pouring. So we ran and got a taxi. When got home is when we heard a crazy lightning that was very close and scared the DuDu out of me! But really, it was scary. It sounded like somebody set off a bomb nearby." (experiencing a large thunder and lightning storm)

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