Saturday, August 15, 2015

Quotes from Xander

A few quotes said by Xander in the last 2 days:

"I'm happy to be here." (going to bed our first night in Berlin)

"I'm feeling tired. I woke up at 1am and then 5:15am." (at breakfast on our first morning in Berlin)

"If you go to, the little YouTube logo in the upper left as "De" next to it, but the URL is still, which is interesting. I'm thinking the reason is that it's connecting to a German server, but your'e on the normal YouTube site." (breakfast conversation)

"I like that there is a bigger button for solids and a smaller button for liquids so you don't waste water." (answering about flushing toilets when asked what he's noticed so far)

"I do like how many trees there are. When we were getting close to landing, I saw a lot of trees, a big dark green of trees. It was kind of all I could see. The view from the front of our apartment is mostly of the city, the back view is more green with trees. " (more breakfast conversation)

"I want to try the bio butter, it sounds cool. We think it's their version of "organic" which is good, because it's good for you and it sounds cool." (discussing foods)

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  1. I love Xander's quotes. Venice your blog is really interesting. I hope the espresso machine serves the family well.