Tuesday, August 11, 2015

T-Minus Two Days

I woke up this morning, a bit panicked. We've been keeping up on our to-do lists and making good progress. All the big items are done:

Finding renters, check!
Forwarding mail, check!
Plane tickets to Berlin, check!
Housing in Berlin, check!

Mostly what's left is that one last library book to return. One more load of laundry. One last straightening-up of the house. Oh, and packing. We have made lists, thought a lot about it, bought all the luggage we needed to have "enough", and talked about what to buy over there (hair dryer) and what to leave here (the million of stuffed animals on the kids' beds.)

But, this morning, our calendar says we'll be leaving the house in two days. And we haven't packed yet.

Every time I do two or three items on my to-do list, I think of one or two more things to do. So, as the list shrinks, it does so slowly. I'm, personally, down to 20 things to do. Considering my big list was over 150, I think this is pretty good. And again, most of them are small things, they are just tasks we can't do until the last minute (like packing underwear!)

T-Minus Two days...

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