Monday, August 31, 2015

Random Signs and Such

A first instalment of some signs and such that we have enjoyed around town:

As well as I can translate:
I am Sprite.
No hot-shit.
No cool stuff.
Just simple:

Prenzlauer Berg (where we live), is very family oriented

The German pronunciation of
the word "Pi" sounds like "pee".

We liked this license plate.

Aw, shucks.

We sent this to Nana, thinking of Mork from Ork.

A "sticker-ed" post

Didn't know He owned a store.

Popular coffee shop (all over town)

Kids liked the name of this chocolate.

In our apartment, you will ride "Schindler's Lift" 

Kids liked this popsicle photo

The trashcans around town all have different sayings.
This is my favourite, "Thank you for the hot dogs".

Xander liked how "ASS" is highlighted at the top.

Just made us giggle "Uhranus". 

I laugh every time I see this poster.
"Just make the day to night. With the day ticket of the BVG"


French for "hard-ass"

We really do love their trashcans.
"Feed me!"

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  1. I love these signs. Xander, keep on the look out for more. They are so cool