Saturday, August 22, 2015

Interview with Venice about Venice

What is something you remember from the Basilica tour?
I liked how they tricked Napoleon into leaving without the golden picture! I also liked how we could go up and see the water, it was really beautiful! 

What is a beautiful view you remember?
What I said in my previous answer, the water from the top of the Basilica! 
What would you like to see again?
Maybe the glass blowers, just so I could try to blow glass again!

Is there something you wanted to do but didn't get to do?
Well, I wanted to take a gondola ride, but I also wanted to buy these little glasses. (side note: I got one at the airport that was close enough!)

What did you like to see at the museums?
The red keys work was amazing!

What did you think of the food?
A lot of it was really rich, but I liked almost everything!

Do you remember anything about how the Venetians did thing differently or something you noticed that was odd?
They called all children "boys" which, I guess, in their language was the same as children, but for me it was weird because at first I though they thought I was a boy.... of course a lot of languages do this, but then they did it in English, too...

How would you describe the buildings, canals, bridges, etc. to someone who had no idea what Venice, Italy looked like?
Tall and skinny mostly, they have to be so they can fit everywhere!

What are the sights and sounds of the city?
Well, everywhere there where smokers, they don't seem to have rules on that. It's very noisy form 7am to 11pm. Some of the water is really gross looking, but some is really pretty :)

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