Friday, August 28, 2015

Aug 28: A Bit More on Friday

A few more notes from Friday...

Diana led the way to work today, and we took a different route. This was good as we passed a few shops we wanted to hit, or were good to know about.

On the way home from work I went to mail a postcard. I found the Deutsch Post, but upon entering, hey, the line was as long as at US post offices. Since I was in a hurry, and figured there might be an interesting language issue on this one, I decided to just got a block or two down the street to the i31 Hotel where I'd stayed before, and where they'd mailed postcards for me. Sure enough, walked in, and no line, got the postcard mailed right quick. Aside from stellar postcard mailing services ;-) the i31 is a great hotel, check it out if you're in Berlin staying in the Mitte area.

Next up was the meat store: Fleisch Handlung. Woah, they had ribeye steaks! We'd not really seen "normal" looking steaks here yet. Snagged 2 of them, which I realized were quite expensive (22-23€ each). Lots of good looking stuff, so I also picked up some sausages that were made there that day, and a mustard. The woman working there spoke English and was really helpful in telling me all about their products and helping out. I'll be back!

I had planned to go next to the kitchen store to get some mixing bowls, but the fleisch store had cleaned me out of my cash, and I was running late, so I skipped it.

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