Thursday, September 17, 2015

Random Signs and Such - Part 2

More signs that tickle our fancy in one way or another...

The magazine "Zitty"

I want to go to this party!

"Fack Ju Gohte 2" So good they made a part 2.

I would like to buy a bag so I could fill it with BS.

We liked finding this "yellow" Amplemann!

Die Arche (The Ark). Explains all the animals in the car, but not
the crazy-loud music he was blaring.

So many bicycles here, they sometimes
get their own traffic light!

Read the bottom line.

I like this toilet sign. I understand the feeling.

"Schmuck" translates into "jewelry". However, it seems it
can also be an adjective meaning smart, neat, trim...
quite the opposite of what it means in English!

Perhaps the T-shirt we'll bring home?

From Teufelsberg

No one else thought this was as funny as I did. I'm
thinking this guy needs to have his store right next to
the store called, "Christ". I don't know. Made me giggle.

Yes, we're thinking about food, always!

This bathroom sign is an oldie but a goodie. When I took this photo,
one of the workers in the restaurant said, "It's not true, not true."
Or course, he was a man. 

Xander spotted this very angry sign.

I liked this "sign" in Prague.

What does this one mean? We had fun thinking about it.
You may kick your ball here and park near a house.
At a different part of town, we saw the same sign with
a giant red slash through it. No playing ball and don't
you dare park near your house!

The waitress told us the name translated
into, "just a guy" that you are supposed
to kiss. Google Translate seems to
think "mouth deed" is a better translation.

And last in this installment PG-13 Warning:

Apparently there is a "Pro Life" demonstration planned and these posters are asking for
people to come out and block their demonstration.
I translated the three posters using Google Translate (sometimes great and sometimes a miss!)

Left: Family unit of the nation? WTF! A society free of nationalism and nation.

Middle: Christian fundamentalism and abortion ban? WTF! For a right to bodily self-determination away with S218.

Right: Sexuality only in the service of reproduction? WTF! For sexual and gender diversity.

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