Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 22: Cooler Weather

Fall has introduced itself and we welcome it.

Chris gave me some positive feedback for walking every morning with him, which was very nice. And why shouldn't I? It gets my day started. Even if I don't want to, I figure, he can't "not go" if he doesn't feel like it. I want to support his work-life since that's the reason we're here.

And coincidentally, today was another day of work for me, for Nagai Photography. Closing in on the last of this project! Yay me!

After lunch, I figured I needed to get the kids out of the house at least once today. My reasons are 1) the kids need to get exercise, 2) the kids need fresh air, and 3) I can't have them tell Chris they did "nothing" all day.

THE basket swing. Venice is lifted off the ground (right).
We decided to try the big park, hoping we'd be earlier than the kids getting out of school. We were. So, the kids utilised this time to spend a lot of time on the big basket swing they've been eyeing since we got here. The basket swing, the other day, was made from scratchy rope. This basket swing is made with lots of little plastic (PVC pipe-like) pieces over the rope, so it rolls and moves, thus making it much more comfortable for the kids to sit in. This one is also a lot bigger in size and swings very high (so high, that when the kids are pushing, they can get lifted off the ground).

Xander brought our new ping-pong paddles and balls. He was all ready for game, set, match! The tables are concrete as are the "nets".

Side note: The breeze was a good competitor as well, making the ball bounce in unexpected patterns.

We did get warm, but nothing like before. I can't say enough how much we are welcoming Fall into our lives.

Xander decided to stay at home, while Venice and I went to explore another market. This market, also just a few blocks from our apartment, but in a different direction, was exciting to explore. It felt more like a Safeway, in that, the aisles "made sense", there were lots more canned/packaged items, and just felt like a regular market. The LPG Bio-Markt that we've been going to, has a more labyrinth of aisles, things are not necessarily where I think they'll be (remember "sour cream-gate"?) So, it felt a little more familiar and it's only 2 blocks from our house, so I may come here more often.

That being said, it also had more "American" foods. Some familiar and some cray-crazy. Venice found Cool Ranch Doritos but they are called, "Cool American". I found an end-cap filled with food "from the land of unlimited opportunities". Included on this shelf were items like Pop Tarts, Jiffy Pop, Swiss Miss (which I think is funny), syrup, and so many different cheeses in squeeze bottles and cans. Yum! Funny stereotypes of our food. I will admit to recognising (and maybe wanting some of it... popcorn!) some of the foods, but many were brands I've never heard of before and didn't recognise (why not Jetpuff marshmallows instead of the random brand they had?)

American end-cap (left), Venice, the Cool American (right)
Exiting the market, we saw evidence that it had rained. Later, Xander informed us it, "dumped for a while!" Good thing we were in the market because, once again, we had no umbrella or jacket. Instead, it was a lovely scented walk back (avoiding puddles) home.

Evidence of the rain (left).
Venice walking on part of the sidewalk that is common here, made with little pieces of stone (middle-left).
A different set of stones for a driveway (middle-right).
Evidence of fall (leaves) coming (right).

Tonight, Chris is home for dinner! Yay, this is the BEST news because it means he's cooking and not me! I worked a bit while he cooked. The kids were able to Skype their friends, Carlie Jo and Joshua (and cousin Teiya a little later). It was a nice ending to the day.

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  1. We are also having wonderful fall weather. Cool Crisp mornings with sunny blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds. The air is smoke for days now.