Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 24: Computer Game Museum

Karl Marx street, on our way to the museum
(you can see the TV tower in the distance)
Another late morning, enjoying the activity of sleeping in (after sleeping in, Chris went for a run, the rest of us kept resting). Sunday, stores are closed. But museums are open, which museum to visit? We decided on the Computer Game Museum, as we figured it would have the most positive "kid support". We were right, the kids were excited to go see (play) the exhibits.

Berlin is beautiful. I'm sure the sunny weather has helped shape my opinion. I'm sure seeing something new, almost every day, has shaped my opinion. I'm sure being a tourist has shaped my opinion. But it's hard to not want to take photos all the time. It is pretty.

Puckman (Pac Man) table game
The kids had a great time at the museum (and so did the adults). Seeing Chris at one of the staged "rooms" playing an old game... I can just imagine this is what he must have been doing, back in the 80s.  I, on the other hand, pointed out a 7 in (or whatever) monitor that was around 12 in (or whatever) deep and said, "That's what I learned to type on!" Kids were not all that impressed. Me? Nostalgic.

I loved playing the arcade games of Frogger, Centipede, and Space Invaders, which was my all time favourite... even if I couldn't clear the first board (out of practice!) The best part, all the games were free, so no need for pesky quarters. On the other hand, some people took really long turns. But if we waited long enough or just went to another game and came back, it seems we all got to play what we wanted, no problem.

There was one crazy game, I had never seen/heard of before (see photo below on the right), called PainStation. It's based on Pong, but you get sensory feedback depending on the intensity of the game (heat, electrical shock or whipping). We watched a few play it, one guy asked Chris if he wanted to play... we passed. Crazy!

Pong (left). PainStation, Pong with pain! (right)

The adults tired out before the kids did (surprise!) But, as the kids wanted to spend some time online with their cousins and friends tonight, we had a nice "carrot" to get them out of the museum and back home. To one of our nicest home meals so far (steak, roasted veggies and salsa - shhh, the kids haven't had the salsa yet....) Yum.

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