Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day 26: Mauerpark

This post is just on Mauerpark.

It was such a beautiful day, I took a lot of photos and wanted to share so many of them. They had to have their own page.

While we saw much of the park, we still did not see all of it. Apparently, we just missed the petting-animals section. It's big and we had fun. But there's more to explore!

The amphitheatre for karaoke on Sundays. The steps are bigger than you think, it's tiring walking all the way up! 

Mauerpark is only two blocks north of our apartment. If you remember, a while ago, we visited on a Sunday and stumbled on the 2,000+ audience listening to the karaoke as well as saw many artists painting the Wall. I've been wanting to return so that we could see it with a much smaller crowd. Today was the day.

The kids having fun. Venice on the swing and Xander goofing with the panoramic setting. 
Great weather, dramatic skies, empty swings.

No one else at the rainbow structure (see the first photo, "Play on the rainbow").

Again, the dramatic skies! And random cheese-workers handing us free samples of cheese. What could be better? They were wearing Oregon Duck colours! They offered more cheese, "for later", but we declined. It was weird enough to take cheese from a stranger. They did ask if they could take our photo with their iPad, to prove to their employer they didn't just toss the cheese, but were really doing "their job". It was tasty cheese. Good promotion!

The TV tower in the distance (left) and our cheese-flag-toothpicks (right).

So many open swings today. These swings have really long chains, so they are very hard to get started. But once you get going, you can go really high. Great swings, for sure. And, did I mention... the skies?!

Enjoying the day!

On the other side of the rainbow, there is a birch-tree grove. It is beautiful. I definitely want to make a point of coming back when fall colours begin. That'll be the day I venture out with my "real" camera to take some photos. I can't wait.

More swings in the tree grove.

I loved the skies (I know I'm repeating myself) and how they contrasted the graffiti. 

"World Traveler" (left), Face painting in action (middle-left)
A beautiful face, I overheard it's been there over two weeks, no one will paint over it! (middle-right)
"Mechanical-Horse" painting in action, notice he's wearing a mask (right)

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