Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 24: Computer Game Museum (Venice)

Hello, It's Venice again!

Today we went to the Computer Game Museum. They had all sorts of cool gaming history. We played lots of games, such as Water Drops (I think thats what it's called) when you can move shadows with magnets. I also got to play Frogger, and I got the second high score! My dad and I played a racing game, and he won every game except one, the computer won that one. But I still had fun playing it. I also got to play astroids, Tetris, and I got to talk to a computer. But the one game I loved was Zork. In Zork you enter commands to the computer such as go west, or pick up sword. I didn't get to play much before moving on, but when I got home I found it online and played to my heart's content. They also had a giant joystick that you could play Pac-Man with (the germans call it Puckman, weird!). It was really fun and cool to go to this museum. I recommend it to anyone who likes computers or video games. All in all, it was really great to be able to play all those retro games.

Asking Eliza questions (Siri's much older sister, who is also snarky)
Venice playing Zork (for a very, very long time)

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