Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 30: Praha Part 2

Family (left) Statues (middle) Final steps leaving the castle grounds (right)

After exiting the Prague Castle grounds, we headed for the famous Karluv Most (the Charles Bridge). No need for a bus or tram, we'll walk there.

One last thing to see while walking through the
castle grounds... um, we're pretending to not 
understand why this statue's genitals are so shiny...

We crossed along with all the other tourists. Crossing the bridge, I think we saw at least 10 caricature and portrait artists. We skipped this tourist trap. However, we did touch the appropriate statue (to ensure we'll return to Prague one day) and were equally grossed out (or was that just me?) that the statue is "clean" where everyone has touched it. We didn't investigate why, we didn't investigate if we touched the right one... we just followed the hoards of other tourists doing the same thing (good little sheep, we are). I have been trying to keep up with the history of all that we're seeing, but this whirlwind of a weekend has me catching up or falling behind. This weekend is really about doing what the tour books and coworkers tell us to do (mostly sight seeing) and I'll have to leave history and background for another day.

What I did notice, on the bridge, all The Cross and Crucifixion displays. As well as other saints and such (I'm guessing, as we didn't stop to read all the plaques, there were so many!)  But here are a few of them and some views:

Whirly Hat... who wore it better?

It was a beautiful day. So many were out on the water in big boats, row boats, and paddle boats. (top)
The beginning of the bridge (bottom-left)
A bishop (or such) giving a peace sign (or such) with the castle in the distance (bottom-right)

Segway, Segway, Segway
Ok, remember the selfie-sticks from Italy? Well, they're here too, but not as prominent as the Segway! OMG! There are Segway tours going on, just about, every block you walk and every corner you turn. Up the hill, down the hill, through the crowded squares, along the restaurant sidewalks... everywhere. I'm sure I'm wrong, but it seems to be a lot of men. I did see women, a few older kids, and a few people over 50. But mostly, it seemed to be younger men. I don't know I've seen these tours in other cities (like SF) and they make me laugh every single time.

I actually would love to try a Segway. But I'd prefer a closed course of sorts, without tourists and not in a place as beautiful as Prague. Just seems so out of place. But, it's the hot thing to do, apparently!

Random photo of parking-markers (designating a "spot"?) We liked them.

It was quite a nice day, but the sun could get warm during a walk. As we took a break for shade and a drink, we sat in a quaint little treed area just off the big square. We reminisced about Venice's pigeons as we watched a few play in front of us (not nearly as many, but just as curious for food).

Our treed-break area (top). Side of the astronomical clock (bottom-left). Part of Old Town (right).

The astronomical clock was next on our list. We weren't there "on the hour" and we were pretty tired. So we took some photos, oogled at the design and beauty, then made our way back to our hotel, passing through Old Town.

Astronomical Clock. The photo on the right was a vertical panorama
which distorted the clock as well as the man passing in front.

Random giant art piece. No explanation.
Tonight's dinner? Fish and Chips at the restaurant Fish and Chips! We decided to eat outside, since it was a beautiful evening (the restaurants even had blankets for you to use if you needed one, which we didn't, but still, cool!) As a result, we didn't get to enjoy the "over the top British decor". Oh well, we did enjoy our food (although Venice and I were still super full from lunch, so we didn't eat as much). I thoroughly enjoyed my Mushy Peas (I will need to learn to make these)!

While the kids were getting ready for bed, Chris made a call (no online chat this time) to AT&T to fix our accounts. Seems there was a gap, after all, and we were getting charged incorrectly. Chris thinks THIS time it's really fixed... at least for another month. Side note: We're at a month into our travels! Wow. Another experience where days can drag on, but the weeks are flying by.

P.S. My throat has been hurting all day (uh oh!) time to gargle with salt water (but where to get the salt? I've been thinking of ways to steal it from dinner or how to take a tablespoon worth home in my purse?)... then I decided... I have nasal rinse (too much information?) and if that's good enough for my nose... it's good enough to gargle!

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