Sunday, September 13, 2015

Prague (Xander)

While we were in Prague, we got to see the city from above from more than one place. In the Prague Castle they had a very tall church, in this church they have a giant 15-ton bell! the bell is so heavy they have to have 6 people to ring it! There are almost 300 steps going up to the top! At the top of the church you can see almost all of the city! 

Sitting on the wall surrounding the castle grounds.

To get to the castle, you had to climb a lot of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, there were a bunch of shops and one of them happened to be a chocolate shop. We went into the chocolate shop and looked around and in the end we didn't buy anything. We got to try a sample of a chocolate-cinnamon covered almond and it was yummy. They had other flavours inside.

At the bottom of the stairs, waiting for Venice and Dad to finish trying chocolates. (left, middle)
On the stairs, either going up, or going down (I think it was going down) (right)

They had a mirror maze which had a maze that the walls were mirrors. And so you couldn't always tell where there was a wall and where there wasn't. Most of them you could see your own reflection, but some of them were angled, but then you could see other people's reflections (but not the people!) You could see around walls. After the maze, which was short, they had a room full of "circus" mirrors that made you look silly. They were funny and we laughed a lot. 

One of the silly mirrors.

I liked traveling by train because it was quiet and i got to see a lot of cool things! We also got to go to lots of different cities! Prague was a very beautiful place and had a lot to explore. 

This lamp post looks like the top of
one of the Teufelsberg tower! Mom
thinks it looks like an eyeball!

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