Monday, September 14, 2015

Prague (Venice)

Traveling by train? I liked the fact that it was my first time. I definitely felt different riding facing one way or the other. It was hard to use the bathroom because the train kept shaking, I almost fell over! To clarify, the car was not bad, it was smooth, but the toilet was at the very end, like the back of a rollercoaster ride, so the effect as much more prominent.

View from the castle grounds.

I liked the views of Prague, mostly because it almost fooled me into thinking I was still in Venice but they replaced all the water with streets. From the church, I could see the river and a rose garden. I even saw a circular patio that I wanted to go to, and later we accidentally did! From the "Eiffel Tower", I saw a bit of the stuff, like the church we were in (the day before) and a forest. But in truth, there were so many people, plus the whole thing shook, that I didn't see as much as i would have liked...

View of the castle (left), Charles Bridge (middle-left)
A garden (middle-right), Looking out the window at the top (right).

On the castle grounds

I liked this one dish I had, it was basically spätzle, chicken fried in dough, sooo yummy! I also liked the trdelnik, it was fun to eat and look at :)


The astronomical clock had zodiac signs and a sun and moon I'm wondering if they correspond to when an eclipse would happen. The sun and moon were on some of the hands of the clock. It was cool that it put on a little show, but what amazed me more is the crowd that suddenly appeared. It was like a flash mob. You blink, and you miss them. 

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  1. Another good report. I am glad the food is so good wherever you go!!! Gotta eat, might as well be delicious!