Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 35: Sept 17 - Oktoberfest in Berlin (Chris)

Today my HotelTonight colleagues and I got geared up in our Oktoberfest wear: lederhosen and dirndls, and went out to a Bavarian place in Berlin for a little local Wiesn (Oktoberfest) fun! We were originally supposed to go to a place doing a special Oktoberfest event, but the tickets did not arrive. So we went to Hofbräuhaus Berlin instead. To our delight, we were not the only folks dressed appropriately!

A serious moment
There was a live band, who played plenty of English songs we could sign along with. Also, I experienced the epic 1 liter beer size that is the standard Bavarian beer! Holy Kuh, that is one gigantic beer. I had 2.5 of them, and, well, that was beyond plenty. The food was also great. I had the pork knuckle, which was massive, and super tasty! Bone in, super crispy but light outside, yum!

Pork Knuckle - yum!

1 liter beers

I've loved these events with my co-workers. This one seemed particularly fun, especially with the entire team being there. I love hearing about all the differences in cultures and such given the diversity of our team (German, Austrian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish). It was also fun to hear about simply all the differences amongst different regions in Germany, and how one area of folks thinks another sounds really funny when they speak, the different seasons events, and how the kinds of bears differ. In Cologne they apparently drink these much smaller weiße beers, at 0.2l and want their beer constantly fresh (thus the smaller size)). I've learned about brown cheese (haven't tried it yet), "white parrots" (Russian saying meaning you will stand out), and much more. 

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