Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 33: Recovery

Today was a recovery day for the kids and a "get back into it" for Chris and myself. Chris, obviously, went back to work. I felt like I ate so much in Prague, any traction I gained in terms of all my walking and eating less was probably lost in those few meals of eating until it hurt! So, must get back to it.

Side Note: I ordered a dirndl for Oktoberfest. Apparently, it is not politically incorrect to go around wearing these old-fashioned dresses. In fact, we're getting the idea that it's downright odd or upsetting if we don't wear them! So, I bought one online and guess what comes up on Amazon when looking at these dresses... special push-up bras. Oy. Yes, I got one of those too. And side, side note... I am now investigating how to do my hair. AND, I'm worried about my shoes (or lack of traditional ones), now my feet will stand out. We ordered Venice a shirt, which she'll wear with her own jeans. She will go "this far". Xander will have no part in it at all. I'll see if I can convince him to wear his button down shirt, it's close to checkered and that seems to be part of the deal for men. Checkered shirts. I'm not sure I'll get him in on it.

This artist's mechanical horse was already painted over.
But, already, here is another one of a zebra. 
Anyway, my dirndl (and accessories) were delivered to Chris' office yesterday, so I was able to try it all on. I had to do my best at converting all my measurements to cm and figuring out their sizing options. I was close it's a little tight (but perhaps that's what it's supposed to be?) If I don't breathe, it all might be ok. I don't know how well it's made, but hopefully it can withstand one big day. But this is a long side note to say... I better get back to eating a little less and running home instead of walking home from my mornings with Chris.

After lunch, Venice accompanied me to the larger market. We did pretty well today. We found most of what we were looking for right away. And when we were at the meat counter, ordering meat (duh), I even expected the question, "Do you have a member card?" Only it's all in fast, slurred German and I can't tell what the heck they are saying. I've just memorised the routine. So I say, "Nein." They complete my order and we're off to the cashier. Here, they will also ask me, "Do you have a member card?" before ringing my items up. I again, assume this is the question and just reply, "Nein." I watch the screen for the total while Venice helps me put items into our bag.

I almost get out of the store without a problem. But, no, I must sweat just a little each time I go to the darn market. I still get so flustered with cash. It was, for a short time, to be in Prague where they accept Visa at more places. Ok, but back to my problem. The total is €53.42. Ok, so I dig around, find the coins necessary to make €0.42 and then hand that over with a €50 note. She says, "Drei..." and I think, to myself, "Ugh, why are they so into their exact change, whatever, I'll find €3 in coins (a €2 and a €1 coin)." As I hand it over, I realise my mistake . She wasn't picky wanting exact change, I was actually short and she wanted the full amount. Well, another market with heart pounding and sweat beading (not really, but close).

The best thing I can say about all these market "trials" is that no one (not that I've noticed, maybe I'm too entrenched with my own experience to notice) huffs in frustration. No one seems to pressure you as they are in a hurry, no one rolls their eyes at you, everyone seems patient to wait for you to figure it out (or will help you figure it out). I don't know how much they can tell I don't speak the language or how much they just think I'm distracted or what they're thinking. It sure feels like I take FOREVER to do my transactions when in reality, it's probably only a blip (I'm hoping) on the clock.

A little while after we were back home, rain started to pour. Thank you Mother Nature for waiting until we were back home as we didn't take jackets or umbrellas... again!

Nutella desserts: Xander's (left) and Venice's (right)
The kids created a new dessert (Frozen Nutella with crushed cereals). And I made risotto for dinner (a family favourite) with the ingredients we found at the market (all but chicken broth, but I found chicken broth cubes and they worked ok). Venice thinks the peas here taste sweeter. I felt the dish wasn't as flavourful as back home. In the end, we were all very happy with the results. Chris ate his portion around 9:30p when he finally returned home from work.

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