Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 41: Travel to Munich

Feeling a little better this morning. So, over the hump. Even walked with Chris this morning.

Xander Skyped with Poppi this morning, talking about activities and weather. Skyping is fun!

Time for laundry and packing. By the way, I've figured out how to start the laundry so it will wash and then dry. However, this is almost a 3 hour commitment (unless you pick express wash) and the clothes STILL aren't dry when I go to take them out. So I always add 30 min of drying time afterwards (I don't know how to do this when programming the wash+dry cycle) and then I still hang dry a little. So, each load takes about 3.5 hours plus the hang drying. And it's a smaller unit, so small loads. Seems like a lot of energy spent, both electronic and mine.

Venice's hair is just as pretty as it was last night. But now we get to see it in the sunlight. So striking!

We decided to have our favourite burritos for lunch today. We ordered one for Chris as well, since he was coming home early from work to pack and get ready to leave. And, yep, they got our order wrong again! We keep trying. The food is so good. But we never get exactly what we order. Sometimes with guacamole, sometimes not. Sometimes with salsa, sometimes not.

The best parts of lunch, today, is that we got to eat with Chris AND he brought a care package sent by Granny and Jiichan! It was like I was in college all over again! Slightly different things in there (e.g. baking powder and cornstarch) but "happy making" all the same. The kids were excited for the peanut flavoured candy (everything is Nutella flavoured, or hazelnut, but rarely peanut) and American dollars! We are good to go for some yummy cookies and baking! P.S. Venice has read the funnies (about 4 or 5 Sunday's worth?) all the way through and plans to read the several times more. Vielen Dank!

Admiring her hair (I catch myself staring too)
Taxi time. Airport time. And our first traffic experience! Perhaps it always happens at rush hour, but it was our first time in a real traffic jam (another reminder that living without a car has been FANTASTIC). Our taxi waited 2-3 times for one light. The last time, we were first in line at the traffic light, but we couldn't go because a 30 ft truck-bed was blocking the intersection. Our taxi driver called these drivers, "undisciplined," as they shouldn't have gone knowing the traffic wouldn't allow them to completely cross the intersection. But, our taxi driver, also undisciplined? He went around the truck bed, at the end of our light... maybe slightly running the red, but what to do? We had already waited a few lights and it seems like we'd never get to cross!

We decided to see if there was an added cost to checking bags. Good thing we did! You are only allowed one carry on (we had four backpacks and three small-roller bags). And they are included in our flight fee. We haven't had to pay for checked bags yet. Maybe this is just an American thing? Anyway, off to sail through security.

After a slightly bumpy flight, we arrived in Munich. I think it was around 8:30? One of Chris' coworkers arranged for a taxi for us, saying that this time of night, during Oktoberfest, it can be hard to find a taxi. Well, what a nice ride! It was a large Mercedes with facing seats in the back. So all four of us could sit together. The kids said it felt like a limo, with free water too. And by free, I mean, including in our €100-30 min ride.

It was dark, so our first introduction to Munich was in the dark, looking out the windows and moonroof. There were lots of long tunnels, lots of neon lights, and, it seems, lots of modern buildings. After being in Berlin and Prague, this felt a big like Vegas to me.

One of the VERY long tunnels we drove through.
The taxi dropped us off at our... hotel? Whoops, wrong door (but associated with our hotel?) Weird. We just had to go a few doors up and we were there. At this hotel, we have two rooms with adjoining rooms (but whoops, they forgot to unlock the doors between the rooms, so we got that fixed... along with one of the keys, which didn't work).

Interesting note, I guess some hotels in America do this, but here, it's very common for the key to also activate your electricity. Did I mention this already? I'm starting to forget what I've already written about. Anyway, you put your key in a "slot" by the door. This allows your air conditioning and lights to work. It's confusing, though, as habit has us looking for our room key all the time... oh yeah, it's in the "slot"! Or, if you walk out of the room without it... you're in trouble! Or, if it's warm, you can't have the air conditioner cooling your room while you're out. And even thought it's cool outside right now, I seem to be hot. Chris says to just drink water (perhaps I am a little dehydrated...)

Even our hotel feels "glitzy"

After settling in (and eating a few granola bars) the kids settled in for bed. We settled into our room. Side note: We have bidets again! However, unlike the Italian hotel that had towels right by the bidet, this one does not. There is an extra towel, but it's right next to the hand towel for hand washing. Um, please don't mix those up!

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