Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 40: Red Herring and Purple Hair

Ugh, still sick. Skipped this morning's walk, in hopes of more rest.


And a LOT of searching for my camera cord. Crap! I have a memory of unhooking it. But I don't have a memory of packing it. I do have a recollection of thinking it might be the same cord as the "charging" cord for some of our devices... (which it's NOT) and possibly leaving it at home... crap.

So, I looked up camera stores. Found one close by. I asked the kids to come with me. And... after a lot of crazy navigating (and Google maps telling us to walk through buildings), we found the store... and it's an analog camera store! They had stacks of REAL FILM in there. Dark room accessories (enlarger and more)... "Back out," I said, and we left the store... no digital accessories to be found there. Crap.

Side note: On the way to the store, the BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe or Berlin Transport Company) was out in force today. On the way to the store, at one of our tram's stops, there were 20 uniformed BVG workers. Some were checking tickets of those getting onto the tram. One woman got onto our tram and asked us for our tickets. I showed them, she verified them and we were cool. It's funny. I usually panic in these types of situations (you know, with people of authority) but since I know I have the tickets and we don't really need to talk, because my stuff's in order, I have a strange sense of calm over me. Now, if we had to have a conversation, I know I'd start to panic. Anyway, with so many BVG workers, I was wondering if it was training day. Not to mention, all those that didn't get on the train had BVG printed on the back of their jackets. Unlike the plain clothed woman who checked our ticket (and remember the last gentleman who checked our tickets was also plain clothed).

Back to food. We ordered pork buns from the "bubble tea" store and ate them while we waited for our tram.

While we were waiting, a motorcycle beeped twice right by us. It was so startling, poor Xander was upset. Like I mentioned before, there's so little honking, when it does happen, you startle! THEN, another motorcycle got mad at a driver parking, he pulled up to her window to express his feelings. She rolled up her window and went about her business. Not sure what he said, but he wasn't happy. So, it seems it's the day of unhappy motorcyclists.

We dropped Xander off at home and Venice and I proceeded up the street to her hair appointment, something she's been looking forward to for a long time!

Then, Venice proceeded to sit in the chair... for three and a half hours. She has a lot of hair! The gentleman (I'm embarrassed I don't know his name) was a great stylist. He was super excited by what Venice wanted to do. He was almost giddy the whole time. Several other stylists came over to admire the work as time went on, saying how Venice picked great colours and how it was turning out beautiful.

With how light he was able to get her hair, I was surprised by how dark the colours are. They will lighten, which will be fun to watch, but in the meantime, I LOVE the dark colours on Venice. She aged into a beautiful young woman overnight. Wow. Stunning.

The different stages of hair.

In the meantime, thankfully, Xander was happy on his computer while we were away (he's been busy creating his custom intro for his YouTube channel and now on one for Venice).

What happens when you get your hair done so beautifully? It rains of course. So, Venice had to hide her head in her hoodie so it wouldn't get wet (and drip purple colours down her face) as we ran to the M stop.

It's Tuesday (Chris' day to work late so he can talk to the SF office... but it means he'll miss dinner) and I don't want to cook. So the kids and I went to Imbiss Pizza Pasta, just down the street. I readied myself to take charge of the menu, ordering, talking to the waiter, hoping that we could get a table... no need to worry! Imbiss (I later found out) means Fast Food in German! So, it was "order at the counter"-style from a giant "over the counter" menu. And most of the other customers were getting take-away, so we had the place to ourselves, at one point. To top off this experience, the guy who took our order said, "neunzehn (19) blah blah", so I was able to just give him €20, knowing it would be enough. I'm pretending to be proud of myself, because really, 19 is not as complicated to hear correctly as, say, nine and thirty. Easy peasy.

Another night of "sleeping upright" and I'm hoping to tomorrow's the day I'm all better!

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