Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day 23: Shopping

Making a new record of 98
hits in a row.
This last week seemed to tire us out. We ALL slept in today, had a late breakfast and left for the farmers market around lunchtime.

The farmers market continues to surprise us with how inexpensive items are. I have a favourite fruit and vegetable stand (the one where Chris got in trouble for touching the beans on his own). The woman there speaks a little English and seems to always be in an upbeat mood. Today, she seemed to enjoy pronouncing items clearly for us (having us repeat after her) and telling us to have a good weekend. While she's trying to help us learn, which we do, she also speaks very fast, so it's not super easy, but I try, as she's trying to help. So, now we have a favourite meat counter, noodle dispensary, and produce stand. We have yet to buy fish. We've seen one stand that sells fish, but it always seems to come after we've purchased other items and are wanting to hustle home, so we haven't bought any yet.

On the way home, I ran into the larger market to get a few items (chips and tortillas) and Chris ran into the beer to get a few items (beer). We had quite the haul coming home. Two backpacks and three bags full. About what we can carry. The kids are getting good and being helpful carrying food back from the markets!

Our loot from today's food excursion:
cheese, tortillas, chips, 2 breads, steaks, sliced ham and salami, beans, cauliflower,
gnocchi, noodles with meat, a dozen eggs, broccoli,  4 beers ($1 each), potatoes
and perhaps something I'm forgetting!

Again, to take prepare for Sunday (closed stores), we decided to head to a new-to-us part of town to see what shops they had there (first stop, the Apple Store). The kids didn't complain at the Apple Store because they could park themselves and play the games on the sample iPhones. Chris and I were able to browse accessories and such (yay, I have new headphones!)

We visited the Tesla showroom, located next to the Apple Store,
to see the electric-customisable floor model.

I'm looking for comfortable knee-high boots (something I think doesn't exist). I tried a few on and failed. Chris tried on some new casual shoes and succeeded. Venice tried on some sandals and failed. But, not to get too discouraged, because across the street is a fancy chocolate store and the kids were able to find something tasty to appease their moods.

It rained a little while we were out. The kids played with their umbrellas, but they weren't really necessary. Jackets, however, were needed, as it was a bit chilly. So, the cozy warmth of the noodle restaurant (a coworker told Chris this was a good noodle place), was welcomed. The food... sehr lecker (so yummy!)

We were a little late getting home (7:45pm). Xander was supposed to Skype with a friend, but they never got on. So, it didn't matter we were late. And the kids found a cousin online, so fun times were had by all.

Chris and Venice walking to dinner (left)
Venice waiting for the train (middle)
Sunset, also waiting for the train (right)

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