Thursday, October 22, 2015

Random Signs and Such - Part 4

More fun stuff we've seen.... (I apologise if any of them are duplicates, I'm trying to keep it all straight, but you know how that can go!)

We saw this in Prague and we DO love Toffifee (yummy) treats

I think I've shown this before, but it's a bicycle green
light with a pedestrian green light in the background.

Ok, this one cracks us up each time (mostly because the mad is freaky).
But also, the words separately translate as "Student" and "Food".
The compound word Studentenfutter translates as "nuts and raisins".

From our Burrito place down the street

I saw this on FB the other day. Very interesting as the kids have
been eating these Kinder Eggs a lot over here. They have small
toys inside, so I guess they are viewed as a choking hazard
by the U.S. and thus banned. 

The Google "camera" Translation I got before
I was able to change our washer to English.
The different choices of washing;
jeans, shirts, STANK.... you bet!

Seen on a construction site: "We have the plan".
I wish they'd give me a plan, too.

We figured it would be closed if we tried to go.


On the corner of Max-Beer

Um, Xander found this one. No translation could be
found for the "abbreviated" word at the top.

We found a "Charybom" at the farmers market
(they taste really good, by the way)

Sign found at a "Water Boat" hostel.

The "ß" is a double "ss" and we've seen this
word "Spass" everywhere. I finally looked it up
and it translates to "fun"! Yes, Xander is Spaß!

The owners of this shop move the mannequins around
However, this mannequin has been
twerking" for weeks now.

What would be a trip to Germany without "Da Hoff"?
Representing 90's Pop/Trash Eurodance. Sounds fun!

We love seeing the little LEGO people in the construction signs.

Poster: "I do it only in my...."

I laugh at this one every time we drive by. The word "Die" is the word
"The" in German and is pronounced "dee".
However, reading it in "English", it's funny to read,
"Die, Fitness Revolution"! I think lots would agree!

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