Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 57: Errands and More

The birch trees in Mauerpark. Still not ready for a fall photoshoot... but losing leaves quickly.

More fall photos.

Today was a small step above "lazy".

I visited the Geldautomat to get out cash. I am so used to carrying cash now, I'm wondering if it will be weird going back to America where I rarely use cash at all?

I bought the family all new monthly-Bahn tickets. The man understood my request (almost) on the first try. He printed out the right ticket (from today to the next month, no questions this time)... only he only printed out one. I said, "Vier" (four) and he raised his eyebrows, "View?" "Ja!"

The kids and I went to Sushi Circle. Are you seeing the trend here? We seem to be going to sushi 1-2 times per week. Sushi is EVERYWHERE. But, as Fuki Sushi, and now Sushi Circle is showing us... not all sushi is created equal. We knew this, of course. But when you are faced with having to eat sub-par sushi or pay too much for "ok" sushi... it's kind of a bummer. We spent €40 and no one left really full or satisfied. Also, insult to injury, the "good stuff" came out right as we were paying the bill (sesame balls, egg rolls...)

Fuki Sushi. Good, but not much selection and slow if you're in a hurry.

Sushi Circle. Basically €1 per piece. Ends up fairly expensive for average sushi.
But, we think their delivery of little bowls is cool.

Being show mochi and other items that I just didn't think was worth the money, I decided I really wanted to find the Asian market that I've seen in the past. I've been thinking of shopping there, but haven't gotten around to it. So, while we're eating, I try to find Asian Markets. I can't find anything nearby. I see a few (using Google) but they are 20-30 minute Bahn rides away. I'm certain I've seen one closer. The kids agree to walk a little bit (despite the brisk weather) to see if we can find it.

There is Nahcity a block from lunch. But it's a regular market owned by an Asian. So, no Asian foods for sale.

Keep walking.

I'm feeling pretty good it's near Hackescher Markt, but I can't be sure. I say, "Let's walk as far on the backside of the train station. If it's not there, we'll go home." But guess what? It's there! Aha! I was right. And gold mine! We find all sorts of good Asian foods (noodles, sauces, frozen potstickers, shumai, and lots of other things we'd never, ever try), the favourite of the day...  hoisin sauce (the kids' are putting it on everything now).

Now to go home with all our goodies on the M1 tram.

Side note: if you do not get onto the tram, you do not get onto the tram. So, cram. Be aggressive.

As we were getting on, it was a bit crowded, and the doors starting beeping and flashing its red light (signal that doors are closing, get in or out NOW). Xander barely made it. Ok, he made it just fine, but emotionally it felt too close and was a little scary. At the next stop, more people pour into the tram and a gentleman with a bicycle waiting his turn... got delayed on the outside and the tram closed its doors and took off. Poor guy now has to wait another 10 minutes for another tram and hopefully he gets onto that one. He is not the first cyclist I've seen miss out on getting into the tram. I don't know how far he's going, but maybe bicycling is better?

Before cooking dinner, we brushed Venice's hair and practiced doing a "Waterfall" braid. Not bad for my first time! (Ok, second time, I tried on myself a month ago and couldn't do it. Much easier on someone else's head so I can see what I'm doing.)

Waterfall Braide

Chris gets home late. Later dinner. And finally, dessert time. Instead of photographing the real Brandenburg Gate, we'll photograph the chocolate version. The kids then... eat it.

P.S. Random notes from another day (I forgot to include them):

1) Here is a worker moving their store's advertisement "stand". I didn't realise these weren't permanent, but were on wheels and could move by remote control. As we were walking along the street, this stand is just moving "by itself". Until we walked around to the other side, we didn't see the guy holding his remote control. Kind of fun.

2) Er ist Weiden Da (He's back) is a new German movie in theatres now. The premise is Hitler wakes up in 2015 to a "different" world. People recognise him. He tries to make a living in the current world. I think he ends up a TV personality going all over Germany to do TV pieces (the farm, a factory, etc.)

I found out about the movie from a poster I saw while out and about.

I'm torn on my reaction to this movie. I can't deny that someone from the 40s waking up to the 2015s isn't fun comedy. And I'm guessing I normally would have thought it funny (I have laughed at "mocking Hitler" sketches before). But, now, in the middle of reading, In the Garden of Beasts (thanks for Keith's suggestion and perhaps I've already mentioned this), I feel "too close" to the history to find it funny. Part of me wants to laugh (and does) and part of me is learning all new levels of evilness that ran through this man.

Anyway, the trailers are all in German, but you can get a feel for the movie (that's based off of a book and short film). The first trailer you get a glimpse (but miss a lot of the dialogue) and the third trailer is mostly "word-free" and easily understood (and more entertaining as a result).

Er ist Weiden Da
Trailer 1

In Trailer 3, I particularly enjoyed the Segways (you know how I love those in the city :)
Trailer 3

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  1. Even tho I don't understand a word in those trailers, it looks like a really funny movie.