Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 63: Rainy Day 2

It's Chris' turn. He's not feeling 100%. It doesn't help that he's been out late every night this week (with coworkers visiting from the SF office). Talking. Sitting and breathing in smoke filled bars. Sounds like there's a frog in his throat. So, we all sleep in.

We had planned to meet Chris for lunch today. We changed plans a little bit and went to lunch downstairs (and over 3 store fronts). Back to a restaurant I've been to with the kids. Rôu, a Vietnamese Vegetarian restaurant. The kids had their won ton soup (and the owner gave them a funny look for not eating most of their vegetables) and I got the curry Pho soup and it was the best soup EVER. So, it's great to finally bring Chris here. And it's so close, so perfect for today.

There was a bit of an ordering snafu. The kids ordered appetisers (thus avoiding the embarrassing vegetables) and Chris and I ordered the same curry Pho. However, the owner thought we were ordering the same exact Pho, that is, sharing one single soup, instead of getting two of the same kind. So all of our food came... except a second soup. We flagged him over and ordered another one, after waiting a while to confirm we were only getting the one soup. The second soup was late. Chris, gallantly, gave me the first soup. I'm happy to say, that after all that waiting, Chris agreed. It was the best damn soup EVER. The flavours are so good. Good salt. Good creaminess. Good umami. Whatever you want to attribute it to... it's just such good flavour. I wish I could learn how to make that broth. Yum.

After licking the bowls empty, Chris went into the office and the kids and I headed to Potsdamer Platz. We didn't really have any goal other than to get out of the apartment. We window shopped. We trinket shopped. We found a few souvenirs.

We also discovered that the second floor of the Arkaden (the mall in Potsdamer Platz) changes its display periodically. When we first visited the Arkaden, there were WWII displays with information about the war. There was a physical car from that era on display. I assumed this was due to the location of Potsdamer Platz and the devastation felt at this location. But, it was only a temporary exhibit.

This time, it was all about flight, "Der Traum vom Fliegen" (The Dream of Flight). There was a an accessible jet engine and a helicopter cockpit. There were interactive stations (of course, all in German, so we couldn't understand a most of it). But the kids had fun exploring around in spite of the language barrier.

The kids having fun flipping through a hand-crank movie depicting a bird in flight (right)

Before leaving, I had promised Venice we'd try the other Bubble Tea place under the Sony Centre. I wasn't sure quite how to get back to that location (without going up to the ground level, finding the exit and then going back down underground). But Venice remembered how to get there all underground, so she led the way.

On the way there (or slightly before), we stepped outside to see a few lights that were turning on for the Festival of Lights. We were here the other night (just down the street to see the House of Cards), but this was a slightly different view. It wasn't quite dark, so the lights weren't as dramatic, but still pretty nonetheless.

Not a Buddy Bear, but a lighted bear and just as cute.
Venice caught a "big one" or did the Bear catch a "big one"?
Xander gives a high five to his new friend. 

Just a few of the pretty colours.

A quick look and then back inside and underground where it's not too cold.

Unfortunately, when we got to the Bubble Tea stand, we were told they were all out and weren't expecting anymore until next weekend! To drown Venice's sorrows, the kids got slushies, along with brain freezes, instead.

FYI - The colours of the slushies matched the colour theme of Venice's hair and jacket. It was meant to be.

Now that the kids have slushies to make them feel better in the cold (what?), we head home on the tram (but hiding the drinks as they are not allowed on public transportation). We took a 12 back home and rode at the back. Usually there are seats filling this area, but on this particular tram, there is standing room only. So, we get to stand and watch the cars in the rain behind us.

Tram ride home.
We tried to photograph how empty the tram was,
you could see through the three cars to the front.
Normally, we ride the tram during rush hour and it's crowded.
Not sure why it's so empty today.

Chris is home at a reasonable hour tonight and we enjoy a nice quiet dinner at home.

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