Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 56: Rainy Day

Ok, I've said this before, but I truly mean it now... today was a lazy day.

Chris had a breakfast-interview scheduled, so no breakfast and no walk together. This means... that we are all still in jammies at 2pm.

We don't have any errands that need to be done. It's raining. I have no motivation to do anything outside of the apartment.

Well, ok. I did go "outside. Technically. I tried to capture the cute little birds that visit us by feeding them on one of our balconies. But the darn little buggers would never approach while I was ready to take their photo. The only evidence I have is the before and after...

Before, with crumbs (left) and after (right).

I mention to the kids, "It's a movie kind of day." I figured, we'd watch something on Netflix. Instead, the kids decided to MAKE a movie. They busied themselves with creating a screenplay, setting up lighting, and putting together clips in a template using iMovie.

Xander editing (left), The stage (middle), Venice setting up the scene (right)

Note: Below you can see a video Venice put together using footage she already had. The movie the kids are working on together is only partially complete.

Meanwhile, I baked two different kinds of cookies. As I ran out of flour and white sugar, my second batch was flourless-peanut butter cookies using all brown sugar. All the cookies were yummy and what better way to warm up the house than with the smell of baked goods?

I made the chocolate chip cookies
at bit on the "too large" side...

Here are some side notes (to distract you from the fact that we really did nothing today):
  • Yogurt here is very soupy. Maybe soupier than Yoplait. You could almost drink it. This seems to be how it is all over Europe (at least in the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany). 
  • There are so many new buildings butting right up against really old buildings. Pictured below is one that is very modern looking right next to one that has bricked up windows and graffiti. 
  • I love all the different Bahn stations. Some are very industrial-functional looking, but others are truly beautiful.
Bahn station (left), New and Old buildings (right)
  • There are no closets, in the bedrooms, in Germany (at least not in our apartment and from what I have researched, they are not something that are found in apartments). Thus, they have cabinets (large armoires... by Ikea) to hang your clothes in. 
  • My cute purse I bought for Oktoberfest? Broken. The strap broke before we even left Munich. Dang it. Another item I'll have to fix/sew when we get back to The States.
  • Again, the bicycle lanes. I got better photos (see below), but I still can't seem to capture a photo of how truly crazy it is and how you better look out. I'll keep trying.

Pedestrian in the Pedestrian Walkway (left)
Bicycles in the Bicycle path (right) and look closely, as there
is also a bicycle (in the far distance in the middle-left) going
the "wrong" way/against traffic in the Pedestrian walkway.

When Chris returned home, he had to jump onto a conference call. I couldn't NOT make dinner... after he worked all day and I didn't do much... so I made dinner (which, of course, Chris ended up helping me with... but I did most of it, I swear!)

And then, Chris, read to the family (we're now reading, "Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library" together).

Seriously. Lazy day.

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  1. The cookies look great. Xander and Venice, I enjoyed your movie beginning