Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 49: More Shopping

Hey, Everybody... it's October! Holy smokes! I think I'm feeling the pressure of time, right now. All I can think of is buying all our souvenirs, doing all the things on our lists, etc. I'm worried we'll run out of time before we know it.

In addition to souvenirs, I am feeling the weather change and realising I am not prepared for it. I have sneakers, I have warmer socks... but this is ok if you're going from your house to your car and then to the store. But as we're walking everywhere and waiting for trams outside, I realise that my toes are very, very cold. And, I also realise that I do not really want to wear sneakers with my skirts (and tights to keep my legs warm). I want boots. I have boots back home, but didn't bring them because I don't think I can walk 7 miles in them. Again, I am walking several miles a day, I need comfort too. And style too. Almost like searching for a unicorn.

Alexanderplatz' Oktoberfest
Also, I wanted the kids to see the sunshine today. I've been doing laundry, cleaning, etc. and Xander has only had one bowl of cereal and I haven't even seen Venice yet (it's after 1pm!) So, grumpy me, makes them get dressed (yes, they were still in PJs) to accompany me to lunch (I'm craving the dang KFC this time) and shopping. We leave the house by 2:45.

As we step out at Alexanderplatz (normally a "sunken" area down several steps) to find no steps... there is a large "stage/decking" set down out over the entire plaza. And, there are rides. Food tents. Beer. Hello! More Oktoberfest celebrations!

Who knew this was here? We sure didn't. I wonder if it's been here the entire duration of Oktoberfest, or just this week, or...? Well, in any case, it's here and full of shoppers and crafts.

Another Buddy Bear at the Galleria!
Side note: As we were eating at KFC, people would walk in and check the trays at the "return tray" shelves, looking for leftover food. At first it was an older gentleman, then a woman with her 5 year old daughter, then a mom with her 11 year old, then more men. Some found half full drinks, others found some food. A couple sitting near us gave one man their extra chicken. So, at the end of our meal, we did the same with our leftover food. It didn't take too long to wait for someone to come in searching for food, so we were able to hand it off. No one ever asked for food, no one bothered us. They just quietly came in, looked, and then left.

After food, we headed to the Galleria, the multi-floored department store. The kids were super patient as I tried on shoe after boot after shoe. It was "help yourself", so I at least wasn't putting some poor worker through the rigmarole. And I found some. Not the best, not expensive, not cheap, but they'll do.

In addition to shoes, I felt it was time to buy a few more pans for our kitchen. I found a quiche pan and a 12 muffin pan. Finally, we can do a little more baking! Meanwhile, Xander found a cute Fox-doorstop and is, happily, carrying him around the store.

What else did we find? Trdelniks! Remember those baked-in-a-circle-pastry we had in Prague? They have them here too. We bought one in the Galleria, only to see a "better" one outside in Alexanderplatz at a stand... so we bought one from each place. Here, they are not called Trdelniks and they don't really put anything inside. They do, however, have a few flavours and "stick" toppings on the outside (coconut, hazelnuts, etc.). I picked cinnamon from both places. And we tried to say the name of them here, but it's a lot harder than Trdelnik! Kürtsöskalács. It's a mouthful, two times over.

Not to be outdone by the local fair, I decided it was time to try out our new muffin pan and use some of the chocolate chips and brown sugar Granny and Jiichan sent us. So, banana muffins with chocolate chips it is! They are delicious! Thanks again for the care package!

Chocolate chip-banana muffins.

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  1. I love that you are in Berlin for the 25 year anniversary of the reunification. Couldn't be better.