Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 66: Mount Mitte (Xander)

Mount Mitte was really fun!

We started on Level 1, which was the easiest. Some thing were still very hard, like the first thing Mom did. One of the things that was very fun, on the first floor, was a surf board that had a rope attached to it. You would pull it in and you would jump onto it. The surf board would slide from one platform to the next and you would jump off.

Look for Xander on Level 1

The tires (shown in the background of the photo below) had a string from the top that split into three. It went into the tire. It wasn't just a flat tire. When you stepped on it, the tire would tilt making it very hard to cross.

Xander on the big slack-line crossing
the centre of the structure.
(Note one of the tire sections in the

Xander and Dad in the Trabi.
Then we went up to Level 2. On Level 2, they had stuff that was a lot harder. The first thing that I did was a rope that you held onto and zip-lined across. There are a lot of the fun things on Level 2. One of the things they had on Level 2 was a line of barrels that spun sideways (or rolled sideways) and it was very hard. Mom did not do very well on it, she made it to the third barrel before falling off. The first I tried it, I pretty much zip-lined and pushed myself across, thus making it the whole way. Then I did it "normally". I didn't hold on very much to the harness and I made it to the last barrel, but then I fell.

On Level 3, they had two cars that were hanging that you could go into and sit. One of them looked like a zebra and one was just a blue-green VW Bug. Both cars had most of the top removed so that your harness could go through it. Most of the stuff on Level 3 was very hard. On Level 3, they had a rig that you could hook into and jump all the way down to the ground. I did not jump because I was scared.

Mount Mitte was very fun and I want to go back again. If we went back, I would do the jump from the third floor!

Xander on the first floor (pulling Venice in from a "barrel" ride)
Also, note the "rolling barrels" above and a little left of the pole.

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  1. wow, Xander, it looks great fun, but not only could I not do it, I couldn't watch you do it! Did your circus arts skills help?