Monday, October 12, 2015

Random Signs and Such - Part 3

More fun stuff we've seen....

These first signs are from Prague:

She's such a poser!

"Our steaks make you crazy"

No beating around the bush, let's be honest.

It is common, over here, to hyphenate words. I guess it's unavoidable with all the long Germanic-compound words. But, sometimes they do it just because... and without following rules. I don't think I got a photo of it, but the word, "France," was hyphenated into "Fr" and "ance", or something like this, to make it fit on the menu board. Here, on this menu, the word "tomatoes" is hyphenated. If you read it quickly, it sure seems like this salad has "toes" in it. Gross.


"Diana World of Nuts"

Meanwhile, back in Germany:

We've talked about how credit cards are out and Cash is King.
Many music lovers might agree.

Curry Zander (now we know it's fish)

Not sure I want my kid riding a "Puky" bike.

Hmmm, "Run from the Tennis Man!"
Really, it translates into "Transport Helper"

We like how it's never 24 o clock. But 0:00.

Found in a magazine. Again, let's cut through the bullshit and just be honest.
"Smoking Kills" and can "seriously harm you and others around you".

I know you saw this one at Oktoberfest, but it's just too good to not post again.

"Confused" Skittles?

This one translates into "Rectum Center
Again, honesty with their images. 

This guy just looks so cool walking down the stairs.

At the Oktoberfest grounds, not sure why there
was this statue of a woman holding a baby
over, what looks like, a chamber pot. Found
at the base of a flagpole at the main entrance.

This one looks like you better be careful or your
Superman cape is going to catch on fire, so jump away.

A few from Salzburg:

Is "Finest Fingerfood" an Oxymoron?

Sorry, bad photo.
It reads "Schmuckpassage"


Last but not least... this one. What is going on here? Athletic ladies to the left, kids with boomerangs to the right?

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