Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 67: Nothing to Report But Time is Running Out

Mark this day on your calendars. I did not take a single photo today. WHAT? Not even for the sake of taking "at least one photo".
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our neighbourhood!

So, I will cheat and use photos from other days and post them on today's page (I've NEVER done that before :)

Monday. Need I say more? We're tired. It's raining. Chris decides to take the tram to work. So, I, oh so willingly, choose to skip any sort of walk this morning. Instead, I blog, blog, blog.

Venice cooks noodles for herself and Xander. She even offers to make me lunch. I could get used to that!

I do a small market run. We are getting close to leaving Berlin! So, I am starting to be careful about what I purchase. I don't want to have leftover food in the refrigerator, so I am starting to watch our cereal boxes, pasta stashes, butter, and more. Not that we really have much in the house, anyway, but still trying not to overbuy.

Crazy how our time here is almost over. On the one hand, we won't be back in the U.S. for another 4 weeks. However, we have this week to explore. and do some last minute shopping. Next week, an old friend will be in town on business. Then, at the end of next wek, we'll head south of Frankfurt to visit some college friendsto celebrate Halloween together. When we return to Berlin, we'll need to immediately pack and leave Germany a few days later. Sounds like we have zero time left. I can't believe it.

Side note: The photo to the right shows some fresh flowers at a restaurant nearby. Chris has eaten there, and we intend to, but for now we just walk by it and admire their flowers. So beautiful. I got "caught" taking this photo, so when we passed by the gentleman putting them out, I said, "Wundersch√∂n!" To which he replied, "Dankesh√∂n." I'm really good at "one-word" exchanges!

The kids and I took out our Bingo cards we made before coming here. It had a 5x5 grid of things we wanted to do. Ride a double decker bus. Do a ropes course. Walk through a castle. Those sorts of things. If you take out the items that pertain to England, we have pretty much accomplished all our our "wants". There are a few exceptions, for example, I did not get to swim in a lake or rent a bike. But, thinking back over our trip, I'm don't feel the need to do those activities. Thus, I feel pretty good about what we've been able to do while here, all the while, accommodating all of our wishes.

We have one weekend left (see, how crazy does that sounds?) in Berlin (remember the last weekend will be south of Frankfurt). So, the few things left on our list are things we're going to HAVE to do this weekend. We have a few tours, restaurants, and activities we want to do. We may have to do some during the week, in the evenings... and, we're also realising that anything we don't get to do, we'll just have to save "for the next time"!

Since it was a day of "nothing", I couldn't NOT cook dinner. We've been here before! So, I cooked dinner (and yes, Chris came home and helped out, yay!) A simple meal. A simple evening.

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