Saturday, November 21, 2015

Random Signs and Such - Part 8

More funny signs and such....

Mind the step. Mind the doors.
I wanted to see a sign that said, "Mind your parents."

Um, not sure I want to try this soup.

Interesting name for a cracker.

This could happen anywhere, but it made me laugh.

Ahhh, yes, Pots of Joy.

Etched in stone, this place offers infants and cookery.

Sandwich board at FUCKOFFEE

Menu items at FUCKOFFEE include;
Fat Wife, Shit Storm and Dirty Chai

Sounds dangerous.

Big Belly Solar
Do you want to eat at The Slug or
The Big Bang, In Good Food We Trust?

Happy Cheesemas!

Wherever you choose to eat, be sure there is a good "Food Hygiene Rating" posted on the door. We only ate at establishments that had a 5 rating. But we did walk by a place, or two, that had a rating of 3 (Why would you eat there? How are they still in business? What does it mean to only rate a 3? How sick will you get?)

Food Hygiene Rating: 5

This last section of signs is dedicated to all the "fahrts" out there. Fahrt means "ride, trip, way" in relation to a vehicle. So an "einfahrt" is an entrance for a car and "ausfahrt" is an exit (however, for pedestrians, it's "eingang" and "ausgang"). In either case, we giggled at all the "fahrts". 

zufahrt = driveway

This one has a "freie Fahrt!"... a free fart?

Mit = with... so with fart?

This zufahrt is stinky.

This chip from the fair gives you one fahrt.

And finally, "Fahrt ends here."

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