Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day 83: Good-Bye, Berlin

Last day. Last laundry. Last Nespresso.

We pack. Chris sells the Nespresso machine, a few cups, and all our unused pods to a coworker. We clean the apartment. And... of course, the internet is now back. So we all jump on the internet and do a little catch up before check out.

We officially check out of our apartment, although we still have our keys so we can go to lunch and get back in to grab our bags. One last meal at Tommy's Burger. Unfortunately, both Xander's and Venice's burgers came with a few accoutrements than they wanted and Xander wasn't too happy about it. His last meal isn't as tasty as our last meals. Poor guy.

I had made an extra espresso this morning and drank it cold (um... yum?) Chris, on the other hand, was not interested in this solution. Instead, after lunch, he went to a coffee shop just across the street. While he enjoyed his professional espresso, I headed to Patagonia, just in case they had a raincoat that I could take knowing it was "for sure" waterproof. Well, they do have them, of course... but one is over 500€ and the one that is just a shell is about €300. At those prices, I'll take my chances with my new coat from the Galleria. Side note: The woman who helped me asked if she could assist me. I told her my German was bad and she replied, "Meine auch (mine too)." She switched to English (sounded UK-ish) and rattled off all the information about Gortex and waterproofing (I can't imagine doing all of that in German... her German can't be that bad if she's working there...)

While I didn't find another coat, Chris did come home with a new wool scarf. He's been wanting one and decided it would be cheaper to buy it here than in London.

Beautiful skies as we drive through Berlin one last time.

Last Buddy Bear
And so we are ready to leave. The kids take one last look around the apartment. Chris calls a taxi. We carry down our giant, heavy bags (even after shipping all of those boxes... we still have too much stuff to carry... how did that happen?) The bags don't even fit into the taxi (how did we get them all here in the first place?) So, we all put backpacks on our laps and carry ons by our feet. We are squished as we watch the city go by one last time.

We see the Fernsehturm and Alexanderplatz. We see the sculpture in the river (seen in the photo above on the left) that I thought we were going to see (when we actually saw the "horse"). The sun is out. It's quiet as we make our way towards the airport.

Time to leave.

Good-bye, Berlin

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