Thursday, November 19, 2015

In Closing (Xander)

What are some things you liked about Berlin?
I liked that we were very close to everything so we could walk everywhere. I liked the public transportation. 

At Mauerpark
What did you think of London?
I liked London. The London Eye was cool. It was really high but not that scary. The Tube, when it was really full, was not very fun. But, when it was empty, it was fun. 

Where would you like to go again?
I would go to Berlin again because I liked it a lot. 

Where would you go that's new to you?
Canada. I've just always wanted to go there.

What kind of food did you like?
A restaurant I liked going to was Tommi's Burger. They had good burgers. 

What is nice about being at home?
We can be with all our friends. We're in the same time zone as everyone we know. 

What did you think of the Tower Bridge in London?
Venice's idea for a photo.
It was cool. The blue that was on the bridge was a lot lighter than I thought it was going to be. 

Tell me a little bit about your plane ride home.
It was really long and boring. I tried to sleep but I couldn't really sleep that much. But I did a little. I watched Ocean's Eleven which made the time pass by a little quicker. I got two kinds of pasta for dinner. At first, I thought they had two choices of pasta, but we didn't realize that there was only one pasta choice that came with two kinds. I noticed that when we got close to San Francisco, we went past the airport, made a circle back before landing. That was strange. 

What were some of the landmarks like?
The Jewish Memorial was pretty. The Brandenburg Gate was really cool with the horse carriage. I thought the pillars holding it up were going to be full columns. They were more like rounded rectangles. 

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