Thursday, November 5, 2015

Random Signs and Such - Part 5

More funny signs and such....

Football Club Kaiserslautern... but really?

How would you pronounce "Pik-As"?

Most of the utility boxes are painted here.
Reminds me of Eugene where some of those
are painted, too.

I really don't have words for this.

I do wonder if we'll regret not going to the Spy Museum,
But this photo is more about the red sticker placed on top:
"Mitte is Schitte, Prenzlberg is Petting.
Real Sex is only Wedding!"
I'm not sure of an exact translation, but
obviously this is in favour of the Wedding
neighbourhood over Mitte and Prenzlauerberg.

I cannot get a good translation for the top:
"Please say communication somewhere"
but the hashtag is funny:

We never did eat at Der Imbiss W (Fastfood W)
It's supposedly a really good place for vegan fast food.
But, we all loved the upsidedown McDonald's M
as their logo. Pretty funny marketing.

Oh yea, Lachs and Butt.

We ate at Chicago Williams BBQ, we couldn't find this logo at
their restaurant, but we found it on line:
"Welome Bitches get fed up and drunk"

One of the bathrooms at the Olympic Stadium

We didn't quite make it to the Anger field.

I think this was at the end of a "safety zone". Cute.

One of the popular clothing companies is called, "Acne"

We still giggle at the word "hell (light)" when we see it.

"Boston Butt" on the chart  and "Picinic Shoulder"

We see "Self Service" once in a while. This is where
you order at the counter and pick up your own food. 

We never found out what "Porn Ribs" are.

Ok, the "twerking" store now has creepy figures
added to their montage.

This is a chain store. I don't know the story behind it...

The Dudes.

More marketing hinting at McDonalds. Why not?
The döner is quite popular in Germany.

Loved this "Fire Department" car.

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