Friday, November 13, 2015

Random Signs and Such - Part 6

More funny signs and such....

Gross means big/large. But it's usually
written: groß, so when you see it with
the double S, it's funny.

And angry castle fireplace.

Xander thought this one was funny too, "FUU languages"

Don't understand what it means....

A good place to advertise is on the paper
towels in the bathroom.

Advertisement for insurance, I think!

I've seen others similar, but it's still funny.

Sprinkler Central (not sure why, but I laughed.)

Welcome to London! I figured we might not see anymore funny signs now that we're returning to an English speaking country... but we've still been getting the giggles every now and then (some due to language and some due to different cultural references):

Capsules you chew to "brush" your teeth.

To be fair, this is a German company.

Oh no!

Hearing "Cockfosters" over and over was funny.

"TO LET" signs are everywhere and for some reason
all I can think of is that the letter "I" is missing and it
should read, "TOILET".

A barber shop (one of many)

Xander found this one.

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