Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Random Signs and Such - Part 7

More funny signs and such....

A poster for a local performance.

We aren't sure what this sign is telling us.
It IS ok to put your bottle out the window?

Oregon beer in Germany! (ok, on the U.S. base)

Will you be my BTFF?

Yes, the sap who gets to clean up at night.

The restaurant we ate in is called the Badtub
(bathtub). Strange.

"New Your is King, Berlin is King Kong"

I like their mailboxes.

Bitchen (fancy)

Bitchen (plain)

A cute little house for your donation
in the bathroom.

Cute little signs reminding you (free) bathrooms are for patrons only.

And my last "sign" from Germany... we never did figure out completely what they are saying on the trains. It has to do with transferring trains, but it sure sounds like, "Do not f$ck here", which we decided was, also, good advice.

Unisex Hairdressers

This shop is dangerous.

Why not be honest about what we sell?

Chris says the bag is not big enough.

This must be where Lionel Ritchie takes tea.

Well, this makes sense.

More honesty in the store names.

Again, these English with their honesty.

All I can think is that there must have been some
trouble with Wonder Woman's helicopter so now
there's a warning to beware of all concealed vehicles.

Never did get to try Hula Hoops.

Supertrash (another store name)

I guess Endor is a moon (Star Wars), so it makes
sense that the sign is pointing to space. 

You can go "Any veh"

I wish we had time to try this Kiss-Ass Mexican Grill.


Oh, Xander loved this one.

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