Monday, September 2, 2013

McDowell Creek Falls

The steps to the 
top of Majestic Falls
WHEN: September 2, 2013

WHERE: McDowell Creek Falls. 4 miles east of Lebanon, OR.

WHY: Today's hike was a trial run for next week's big hike up Mount Bailey. Several of us got new packs and shoes we wanted to break in.

WHO: Chris, Diana, Venice and Xander.

WEATHER: Sunny and warm.

Approximately 3 mile easy loop

Exploring the fallen logs above Royal Terrace Falls (on left).
Jumping streams below the Royal Terrace Falls (on right).
Lower and Upper views of Majestic Falls
"I liked going across all the bridges over the rivers and then climbing under them to get back where we started. The rocks were great to climb on because they were solid (they don't wiggle) and not too big or too small. Too small would mean I couldn't balance on them and too big wouldn't be fun.

It was definitely a scenic hike. This is the kind of place where magic would come from." - Venice

"The waterfalls were pretty. There were three waterfalls that were tall. The farthest waterfall, Majestic Falls, from where we parked was split in the middle." - Xander

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