Sunday, September 22, 2013

Marys Peak

Somewhat protected by the tall trees.
WHEN: September 22, 2013

WHERE: Marys Peak, just southwest of Philomath, OR.

WHY: Today's hike was in lieu of camping due to poor weather conditions. Normally this hike has beautiful views of the Willamette Valley, Cascade Range and Pacific Ocean.

WHO: Chris, Diana, Venice and Xander.

The beautiful view from the summit.
WEATHER: Extremely windy with lots of rain. We guessed approximately 25 MPH winds with 40 MPH gusts? The wind made it cold.

"When I first went out, I though the weather was crazy. Some of the winds shook our car." - Xander

"I'm happy we made it to the top, it was a very short hike. If you don't want a long hike, don't go there, but if you want a nice place for lunch or a good place for pictures, do. I'm proud we made it because of the storm." - Venice

Approximately 1.5 miles.
Summit over 4,000 ft.
Round trip less than on hour.

Rainbow on the way home.
"I loved the energy and excitement of the kids on such a blustery day." - Chris

"It's a good place to play DnD because it's a forest with lots of natural habitats in it. I liked muddy log skipping!" - Venice

"I liked leaning back into the wind." - Xander

"Despite the crazy wind and rain, the kids had fun on the hike. They jumped puddles, climbed trees and discovered a really large worm. We were thankful for the warmth and dryness our car provided as well as the beautiful rainbow in store for us." - Diana

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