Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tahoe Adventures

Renting kayaks.
Bald eagle sighting.
6 hours of paddling.
WHEN: August, 2014

WHERE: Lake Tahoe, NV and CA. In the Sierra Nevada

WHY: Family vacation.

WHO: Chris (also his parents and sister's family), Diana, Venice and Xander.

WEATHER: Sunny and hot.

Maximum length is 22 mi
Maximum width is 12 mi
Surface area is 191 sq mi
Average depth is 1,000 ft
Average surface temperature in summer is 65-70 degrees F

Renting bicycles.
A river break at the end of our bicycle tour.

Leap of faith.
"We rented bicycles so we could bike to lunch. However, we went on a bit of an adventure by accident when we missed a turn. Several miles into our mistake, we turned around and finally made it to lunch... all quite hungry and ready for food and relaxation!

We decided to do the ropes course at the Squaw Valley Adventure Center. The kids loved hooking themselves into their harnesses and running all round the skies on ropes, wires, planks and ziplines. Chris and I also climbed the log tower at the end and jumped to a trapeze. I was worried my shoulder wouldn't be able to handle swinging, but my worry went out the window as I jumped for it. I know I swore, and while I'm not sure anyone else heard me, the screams in my head were very loud." -Diana

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