Sunday, July 27, 2014

Devil's Churn and Thor's Well

WHEN: July 27, 2014

WHERE: Lincoln County, OR. South of Yachats along the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.

WHY: To understand the difference between Devils Churn and Devils Punchbowl!
WHO: Chris, Diana, Venice and Xander.

WEATHER: Sunny and warm. Unfortunately, we missed high tide. While this meant we were able to see Devil's churn up close and personal (without much fear of sneaker waves) we did not see The Spouting Horn or Thor's Well in all their glory.

Sea level
Long crack in the coastal rock that fills with each ocean wave (Devil's Churn).
Salt water fountains driven by the power of the ocean tide (The Spouting Horn and Thor's Well).

"I wish we would have paid attention to the tides schedule so that we could have seen The Spouting Horn and Thor's Well 'doing their thing'. We did have fun exploring Devil's Churn and the surrounding beach area. I guess we just have to go back again." - Diana

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