Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mount Pisgah

View from the trail.
WHENOctober 6, 2013

WHERE: Mount Pisgah, Eugene, OR.

WHY: We've explored the river that runs at the base of Mount Pisgah, attended fairs, and run in races at the base of the mountain, but had never summited.

WHO: Chris, Diana, Venice and Xander.

Panoramic view at the summit.

WEATHER: Super sunny and warm. 65-75 degrees F. Much of the path is open with no tree coverage.

Approximately 1.4 miles to the summit (<3 miles round trip), but there are a lot of different trails, so you could do more or less.
Summit is approximately 1,531 ft.

"I was woefully unprepared for the warm weather and length of hike. I wore jeans and my hair down. As a result, I was very unhappy. Venice loaned me her hairband, so I didn't completely melt. Next time, I'd like to bring a snack and blanket for the top.

Hot Hike
These heavy footsteps fall upon the path.
Hear the heaving breaths flying through thick air.
Unhappy huffings that puff their thickly wrath
While thudding through my hot, hot throat out there." - Diana

"It was longer than we thought. 1.8 miles uphill and we picked longer path down. There was a podium at the top with an elevation map on it." - Xander

"I liked the part of the hill with the gravel pile because it was fun to stand on, gave a good view, and I pretended to zipline on the power wires. On the way up, you feel like there is no shade. On the way down you feel like there is lots." - Venice